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All aboard for a theatrical adventure like no other! 🌟 Presenting "Bus the Musical," the most spontaneous and unique performance you'll ever experience, brought to you by Better Boscombe's 'Sea of Creativity'! 

📅 Save the date: July 30th, and get ready to embark on a melodious journey on the Better Boscombe Bus! With our talented performers, every show is a unique masterpiece as they respond to YOUR suggestions, creating a musical extravaganza that will leave you amazed! 

Best of all, tickets are absolutely FREE!  But don't forget to book your seat on the bus, departing from Boscombe Bus Station. The first departure is at 18:40, followed by the second at 17:10 🕔 please arrive at the station15 minutes early. Secure your spot by visiting to ensure you don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience! 

That's not all! Join us for a free workshop on July 29th, where we'll explore the skills needed to create improvised songs! 🎵🤩 Unleash your inner musical genius and learn how to craft harmonies on the spot, compose catchy tunes, and let your creativity soar! 

So, gather your friends and family, hop on board, and let the melodies sweep you away on the Better Boscombe Bus! 🎵✨ Don't miss your chance to be a part of the most magical musical experience in town. Reserve your seat today and be prepared for an unforgettable journey!

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What a weekend! What a journey! Better Boscombe's Sea of Creativity strikes again with a fantastic improvisation workshop and an actual musical on an actual bus!!!! A massive thank you to everyone involved, special thanks goes to The Black Cherry team, morebus at, the audience and our amazing driver Richard Wade! Make sure you check out the 99 bus this summer!! 

Bus the Improvised musical! You have been an absolute experience!!

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Photo credit @torjaynephoto

Celebrating the Intersection of Boscombe's Art and the Ocean. An immersive arts event programme that takes visitors on a journey through time, exploring the vibrant artistic scene of Boscombe's golden era and generating celebrations of creativity for today's communities.

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