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Better Boscombe Black History Arts Day


Celebrating Culture and Creativity


Join us for a spectacular and immersive celebration of Black History Arts Day in Better Boscombe, where we pay homage to the past, celebrate the present, and envision a boundless future. This event takes place on October 28, 2023, and features a series of engaging events that promise to be an unforgettable experience for all. Better Boscombe Sea of Creativity is dedicated to exploring the rich artistic scene of Boscombe's golden era and generating creative celebrations for today's communities.


Our Future. Our Present. Our Past with Sharon James (Better Boscombe Engagement Hub, 12pm-4pm)

Join artist and educator Sharon James on


a journey of self-discovery through her art.

Reflect on the past, celebrate iconic Black heroes, and pay tribute to cherished family and friends.

Focus on the present with vibrant Black icons and their contributions.

Embrace the future and imagine a world limited only by our creativity.


DJ Margaham (Outside The Jerk Hut, Boscombe, 12pm)

Kick off the day with DJ Margaham as he introduces Better Boscombe Black History.

Enjoy music, art, guest speakers, and great food.


Boscombe Black History Poetry Hour (Outside The Jerk Hut, 1pm)

Hosted by Bashy (IACC) and featuring poets Omar and Jamie.

An hour filled with poetic inspiration, emotion, and thought-provoking verse.


Josh Preye Garry Talk (Outside The Jerk Hut, 2pm)

Join Diversity Awards Winner Josh Preye Garry for an inspiring talk on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Learn from his commitment to a more inclusive world.


Storytelling & Drumming with Lance Mundle (Outside The Jerk Hut, 3pm)

An immersive fusion of culture, emotion, and shared human experience.

Experience a captivating evening of storytelling and drumming with Lance Mundle.


Echoes + Eats for Teens with Josh Preye Garry (Outside The Black Cherry, 4pm)

Join Josh for an event tailored to teens, with delicious food and meaningful conversations.

An opportunity to engage with the community and celebrate diversity.


Visual Arts for Teens with Sharon James (The Black Cherry, 5pm-6pm)

Join Sharon James for a discussion on the world of visual arts, with a focus on teens.

An event open to all, providing insights into the creative process.


Rootstone Reggae (Outside The Black Cherry, 8pm-11pm)

An epic night of reggae vibes that transcend borders and unite people.

Experience the soulful and conscious lyrics of Rootstone Reggae.


Celebrate the universal language of music and the power of positive messages.


Don't miss this extraordinary event that weaves together the rich tapestry of Black history, art, culture, and creativity.

Join us in Better Boscombe on October 28, 2023, for a day of reflection, celebration, and inspiration.

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Celebrating the Intersection of Boscombe's Art and the Ocean. An immersive arts event programme that takes visitors on a journey through time, exploring the vibrant artistic scene of Boscombe's golden era and generating celebrations of creativity for today's communities.

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