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Celebrating the Intersection of Boscombe's Art and the Ocean. An immersive arts event programme that takes visitors on a journey through time, exploring the vibrant artistic scene of Boscombe's golden era and generating celebrations of creativity for today's communities.

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wave 1


The first 'mini festival' on the high street that celebrates the diverse range of musical styles that co exist in boscombe. headlined & presented by grant sharkey  featuring young musicians from absolute music & the local area.

JULY 30th

the performers introduce their characters one by one, using song.


They Build the story As the bus continues on its journey, conflicts and resolutions, twists and turns, comedic and poignant moments that make purposeful memories.

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a steampunk inspired traditional family fun day with steamship circus performers, pick up & play, aerial workshop spaces, circus themed stalls for fun interactive activities, walkabout circus performers, walkabout bubbleologist & family theatre performances.


A collaborative project that brings together local artists to transform local spaces and empty shops. creating public art installations that celebrates the spirit of Boscombe's golden era.

Exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, installations, or even performance work will be displayed.

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This special event will feature a rich array of activities including enlightening talks, art exhibits, DJ sessions, delectable food, and captivating performances.

Both inside and outside the Black Cherry, attendees will have the chance to immerse themselves in the vibrancy and significance of Black culture and history, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

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